Irish Company Formation

Irish Company Formation – Ireland is becoming increasing popular as a place for company registration particularly due to having one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe, and for Ireland’s continuing membership of the European Union.

An Irish Limited Company can be used for any commercial purpose. Irish Limited Companies are also used as holding companies and can be trading or non-trading. Irish Companies are registered on-line. It is possible to incorporate an Irish Limited Company within three working days.

There are several types of companies that can be incorporated in Ireland. By far the most frequently used is a Private Company Limited by Shares. This type of company is more usually known as a Limited Company.

Our Irish Company Formation Services

We incorporate companies in Ireland, our Irish Company Formation service provides all the services that you need to ensure that your company is correctly registered and compliant with Government requirements. This includes advising on the correct structure, providing registered office, and company secretary.

Company Name

The company must have a unique name, which is not too similar to any existing company. Our service includes checking of company names for availability, and advising on the suitability of your proposed name. If you would like to check a company name now please contact us.

Registered Office

The company must have a registered office within Ireland. This is the official address of the company, it does not have to be a trading address, and the company does not have to maintain a presence at the address. We will provide you with an address to use as your registered office.

Company Secretary

Irish companies must have a company secretary, this can be a person or corporation. The company secretary has administrative duties, and is responsible for preparation and filing of all documents. We offer a company secretary service which ensures prompt filing of documents.


The company must have at least one shareholder, this can be a person or a corporation, there are no nationality restrictions.


An Irish company can be registered with just one director. There are no nationality restrictions, but at least one director must be resident in the European Economic Area.  If you do not have a director resident in the European Economic Area, then you must either obtain a Section 137, or use a local resident director.

We can assist with both sourcing local resident directors, and obtaining Section 137 Bonds.

For more information, please click on the tabs below.

Local Resident Director Service

Local Resident Director

Companies registered in Ireland are required to have at least one director resident in the EEA (European Economic Area).

If you do not have a suitable person living in the EEA, we can provide you with an Irish resident to meet this requirement.

We have a portfolio of experienced company directors that are resident in Ireland. 

The Local Resident Director service is available for new yet to be registered companies and existing companies.

Our fee to provide a Local Resident Director is £750.00 per year.

Local Resident Director for a new yet to be registered company 

If you would like us to register your company in Ireland, please use our order form which will give you the opportunity to add the Local Resident Director  service.

Local Resident Director for an existing company

If you would like to order a Local Resident Director for an existing company, please click on the button below.

Section 137 Bond

Companies registered in Ireland are required to have at least one director resident in the European Union. If you wish to set up an Irish company and you do not have a director resident in the EU, it is possible to be exempted from the requirement of a resident director by obtaining a Section 137 Bond. A section 137 Bond is effectively an insurance policy which will underwrite any potential financial penalties, for example were the company to be fined for late filing of documents.

We work closely with insurers, and can assist you with obtaining a Section 137 Bond. For more information please contact us.

Order On Line

Irish Company Formation
  • Fast On Line Registration
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Electronic Document Set
  • Appointment of Director
  • Appointment of Company Secretary
  • Appointment of Shareholder
  • Register of Directors
  • Register of Shareholder
  • Share Certificates
  • Registered Office Service Available
  • Company Secretary Service Available

Help & Advice

If you have any questions or would like any help or advice please contact us. We will be pleased to speak with you, and happy to answer any questions that you may have. Please contact us with us your questions or comments. If you prefer to speak to us our telephone number is +44 207 856 0587

Irish Company Formation – What we will do, and what you will get?

Choosing a Company Name

When incorporating a company the first thing that you must do is choose a name. The most important thing is that you cannot use a name that is already in use. As there are more than 4 million companies registered it is essential that the name is checked for availability before formation.

  • We always check names for availability before formation
  • We advise on the use of sensitive or protected names
  • We can help you choose a name
  • You can use our free namecheck service either on-line or by email or telephone
Formation – Documents and Certificate

As soon as you are happy with the name chosen you can leave the rest to us.

  • We will prepare all documents
  • Documents will be submitted electronically to the Companies Registration Office
  • Your new company will be incorporated online
After Formation

After Formation we will assist you and advise you on the following

  • Appointment and duties of director
  • Shareholders and share capital
  • Location of registered office
  • Advice with business bank account application
  • Advice with VAT registration
  • Advice with filing of annual accounts
  • Advice with filing of other documents

These services will continue to be provided for as long as you require them.

You will also receive a copy of the following.

  • Constitution
  • Stock Transfer Form
  • Share Certificates

We will also give you unlimited on-line access to all forms that you need to make any changes to the directors, shareholders or structure of your company.