Belize International Business Company

imageBelize is popular for registration of international trading companies. Belize companies are typically used by clients wishing to operate internationally from a secure, tax exempt and confidential location.

Belize companies are known as IBCs (International Business Companies)

A Belize company can be used for most commercial purpose, but there are certain activities which will require a licence.

The company can be registered with just one director. Other directors are optional.

The company must have a registered office within Belize. This is the official address of the company. We will provide you with an address to use as your registered office.

A Belize company must also have a registered agent located in Belize to hold the company records. We will provide you with a registered agent to fulfill this requirement.

Key Features of a Belize Company

  • Names of directors and shareholders do not apear on public documents
  • Can be incorporated within 5 days
  • Only one director required
  • Only one shareholder required
  • Overseas and corporate shareholders allowed
  • No need to visit Belize
  • Belize International Business Companies are exempt from local taxes
  • The company does not need to file accounts

    Price & Fees


    Our fee to incorporate a Belize company is £780, this includes;

    • Name check
    • Name reservation
    • Preparation of memorandum and articles
    • Filing of documents with Belize registry
    • Belize Government licence
    • Register of directors
    • Register of shareholders
    • Share certificates
    • Certificate of incorporation

    Registered Office and Registered Agent in Belize £360

  • Optional Services

    • Nominee Director £750 (includes power of attorney)
    • Nominee Shareholder £240
    • Bank Account Assistance £320

    Help & Advice

    Contact us with any questions that you may have. We will be pleased to speak with you and will do our best to assist you.
    If you are ready to register your Belize company please use our secure order form